Animal Transgenesis and Cloning (Hardcover)

By Louis-Marie Houdebine

Wiley, 9780470848272, 234pp.

Publication Date: April 2, 2003

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Animal Transgenesis and Cloning is a concise, balanced introduction to this dynamic subject, covering key issues and current techniques currently used in animal transgenesis and cloning. Whilst providing the reader with the essentials of the subject, from the molecular basis of gene structure and function to therapeutic gene cloning in humans, social and ethical implications of this important area of research are also considered.

Written in a clear, accessible style, the book starts with an introduction to key molecular biology techniques and in particular, considers techniques used specifically for cloning animals and generating transgenic animals. Later chapters examine the diverse theoretical, technical and ethical issues raised by cloning and transgenesis in both animals and humans.

Animal Transgenesis and Cloning:
* Is an accessible, concise introduction to this dynamic field
* Discusses biological, technical and ethical issues related to cloning and transgenesis
* Provides an up-to-date account of the latest research methods and applications.
'This is a proposal for a book translation in a field that is clearly of importance and very topical. The idea of the book, from gene to transgenic animal, to its uses and abuses is sound and logical ...... It is probable that I would suggest (using) a book similar to the one proposed' Dr Janet Smith, University of Birmingham.

'Chapter one was a tour de force Very concise and admirably clear ...... I was particularly impressed with the author's 2-page summary of eukaryotic gene regulation, which is no mean achievment ' Dr David de Pomerai, University of Nottingham.

'...... I felt that this is a well written, topical book. It covers a lot of ground ...... in my opinion the author manages to provide a satisfying amount of detail and a well focussed treatment of each topic. I like the logic of the book, the fact that it pulls together all of the issues into one readable and manageable text' Dr Brendan Curran, Queen Mary, University of London.

About the Author

Professor Louis Marie Houdebine is currently Director of Research at INRA (Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique) in Paris. More specifically he heads the 'Cell Differentiation' team whose research includes, amongst other things, using transgenic rabbits for the study of atherosclerosis and aids, and looking at how transgenic mice and rabbits expressing human and sheep PrP genes can be used to aid further research into Creutzfeld-Jacob disease and scrapie.Transgenese Animale et Clonage was first published in French by Dunod earlier this year. The French edition was designed to be a concise, introductory book of no more than 150 pages providing the reader with the essentials of the subject, i.e current research and applications of transgenesis and cloning, with limited technical details and references.