China Fortunes (Hardcover)

A Tale of Business in the New World

By John D. Kuhns

Wiley, 9780470928042, 580pp.

Publication Date: January 4, 2011

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A thoroughly modern global business story

In the spirit of James Clavell, China Fortunes is a vastand sweeping story that addresses one of the hottest topics of theday, Chinese business.

From a chaotic start in China to an embezzling Chinese companypresident on the run in Manilla, this book follows the monetary upsand downs of Jack Davis, an American financier drawn to the greatAsian nation by the wealth of opportunities that accompanied theopening of the country to outsiders.

  • Traces the beginnings of China's entry into the industrial age, as it hesitantly embraced capitalism while enthusiastically chasedforeign dollars
  • Takes readers through the bond trading floors of Wall Street tothe opaque world of investment boutiques, market crashes andbusiness failures, IPOs, failing marriages, and multi-nationalhydro electric deals
  • Written by a leading China businessman with deep connections inChina and beyond

Drawing on the experiences of one of the first westerninvestment bankers to do business in China, this exciting talebrings you up close to the rising fortunes and risky business ofthe Middle Kingdom.

About the Author

JOHN D. KUHNS is a financier and industrialist who has beendoing business in China for over twenty-five years. In 1984, as thefounder and CEO of Catalyst Energy Corporation, Mr. Kuhns was thefirst American to acquire commercial hydroelectric generatingequipment from China, powering much of the profitability behind thecompany's successful IPO and listing on the New York StockExchange. Having closed IPOs for five companies including some ofthe world's leading alternative energy businesses, Mr. Kuhns's mostrecent transaction was the January 2010 IPO for China HydroelectricCorporation, China's largest owner of small hydroelectric projects, where he currently serves as Chairman and CEO. Kuhns Brothers, Mr.Kuhns's investment bank, raises financing for Chinese companies, and his private equity organization, the China Hand Fund, makesinvestments in Chinese companies. Mr. Kuhns graduated from Georgetown University, received amaster of fine arts from the University of Chicago, and an MBAdegree from the Harvard Business School. He lives with his familyin Connecticut, where he fly fishes religiously.