Armageddon--2419 A.D. and the Airlords of Han (Paperback)

By Philip Francis Nowlan

Dover Publications, 9780486795409, 160pp.

Publication Date: February 15, 2017



Meet fiction's great pioneer of space exploration in his very first adventures. The swashbuckling character who ultimately became world-famous as Buck Rogers made his debut in the 1920s in these two tales from the legendary pulp magazine Amazing Stories. The intrepid voyager, who emerged from a state of suspended animation into the twenty-fifth century, became a star of movies, radio, television, and video games and inspired a host of imitators.
Armageddon -- 2419 A.D introduces World War I veteran Anthony Rogers and the peculiar circumstances under which he awakens, like Rip Van Winkle, to a strange new world. North America has been overrun by invaders from the East who imposed their own civilization, condemning the natives to a furtive existence in the forests and hills. Rogers encounters a rebel unit of Americans and readily joins their attempts to rebuild their society, using his wartime experience to help mount a revolt against their oppressors. This futuristic fantasy -- accompanied by its sequel, The Airlords of Han -- offers rollicking adventures and remarkably prescient predictions of later technological advances.

About the Author

American science-fiction author Philip Francis Nowlan (1888-1940) is best known as the creator of Buck Rogers, a character who inspired a comic strip that ran for 40 years as well as radio, television, film, and video game adaptations.