The Ant Men (Paperback)

By Eric North

Dover Publications, 9780486814469, 224pp.

Publication Date: May 17, 2017



"A well worked fantasy in which suspense and logical scientific conclusions create a sense of reality."--Kirkus Reviews.
American geologist Silas Orcutt and his intrepid crew had fully expected to encounter vestiges of prehistoric life in the central Australian desert. But they were hardly prepared for armies of super-intelligent, exceptionally strong insects. A warning shot of formic acid is succeeded by the appearance of six-foot-tall ants that walk upright, communicate by telepathy, and dwell in a sophisticated underground culture.
Their advanced society is nonetheless crippled by prejudice--green ants, black ants, and red ants are all sworn foes. In addition to battling each other, the Ant Men are at constant war with their neighbors, a colony of giant mantises. When one of the fossil hunters is taken captive by the Ant Men, Professor Orcutt must lead a dangerous rescue mission. This gripping adventure, reminiscent of tales by H. G. Wells and Jules Verne, builds on a basis of scientific fact to create an authentic background for its pulp-fiction thrills.

About the Author

Bernard Cronin (1884-1968) wrote five detective and science-fiction novels under the pen name Eric North as well as many other pseudonymous books, short stories, and poems. The London native emigrated to Australia at the age of 6, and his adventurous travels throughout the continent add realism and zest to his fantastic tales.