The Medieval World at War (Hardcover)

By Matthew Bennett (Editor)

Thames & Hudson, 9780500251560, 272pp.

Publication Date: October 1, 2009

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Organized chronologically in ten chapters, the book ranges widely from Charlemagne's empire building, the Viking invasions of northern Europe, and the Christian crusades against Islam to Mongol horse-archers, the Teutonic knights of Germany, the gunpowder revolution, the Ottoman threat to Europe, and Samurai warfare.

Incorporating vivid accounts of tactics, troop types, battles, fortifications, and siege techniques, the contributors examine the underlying political and military strategies that were shaped by the clash of very different social and ideological systems. Feature boxes focus on topics ranging from battles such as Agincourt and the siege of Constantinople to weaponry and armor, while eyewitness accounts of battles and other major events bring the story dramatically to life.