Art Since 1900: Modernism, Antimodernism, Postmodernism (Paperback)

Modernism, Antimodernism, Postmodernism

By Hal Foster, Rosalind Krauss, Yve-Alain Bois

Thames & Hudson, 9780500289518, 896pp.

Publication Date: October 19, 2011



The authors of Art Since 1900 adopt a unique, year-by-year structure in which they present more than one hundred and twenty short essays, each focusing on crucial events and the creation of a seminal work, the publication of an artistic manifesto, or the opening of a major exhibition that tell the story of the dazzling diversity of practice and interpretation that characterizes art of this period. Each turning point and breakthrough of modernism and postmodernism is explored in depth, as are the frequent anti-modernist reactions that proposed alternative visions of art and the world. Art Since 1900 introduces students to the key theoretical approaches to modern and contemporary art in a way that enables them to comprehend the many voices of art in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.