The Sacrifice Game (Hardcover)

By Brian D'Amato

Dutton Books, 9780525952411, 656pp.

Publication Date: July 5, 2012



The mind-bending, stunningly inventive sequel to Brian D'Amato's "In Courts of the Sun," in which one man holds the key to saving the world from the 2012 apocalypse foretold by the Mayan Prophecy.

In Brian D Amato's cult classic, "In the Courts of the Sun," a team of scientists sent math prodigy and Mayan descendant Jed DeLanda back in time to the year AD 664 to learn the "Sacrifice Game," a divination ritual that the ancient Maya used to predict the apocalypse on December 21, 2012. But after arriving in the body of a willing human sacrifice instead of a Mayan king, Jed's experiences led him to the fateful decision that rather than avert the apocalypse, he must ensure instead that the world ends.

Using his knowledge of the divination game, Jed sets in motion a series of events that will bring about the destruction of humanity, ending the world's pain and suffering once and for all. But before the plan can be completed, the organization that sent him into the past discovers his intention and devotes every resource to stop him.

Taking readers back to the dizzying action of ancient times, "The Sacrifice Game" is a breathtaking odyssey in which Jed must survive bloody wars, ruthless leaders, shifting alliances, and unspeakable betrayal to learn about the Game, before his time in both the ancient Mayan empire and the present day runs out.

About the Author

BRIAN D AMATO is the author of "Beauty "and "In the Courts of the Sun. "He is also an artist whose work has been shown in galleries and museums, including the Whitney Museum and the New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York City. He divides his time among New York City, Chicago, and Michigan."

Praise For The Sacrifice Game

“The prose style is highly entertaining … [The Sacrifice Game] moves like a well-oiled machine, carrying us along on Jed’s world-destroying adventure.”


"D'Amato's absolutely amazing thriller about the end of the world...takes over the late Michael Crichton's territory with a loud band...If you like historical thrillers, this one's for you."
Chicago Tribune 

"With a whirlwind plot and meticulous research and some downright giggly smartass comments by the narrator in both time frames, it really can't miss."
The San Diego Union-Tribune 

"Fans of the late Michael Crichton will welcome this engrossing SF thriller."
Publishers Weekly