Running Ransom Road: Confronting the Past, One Marathon at a Time (Paperback)

Confronting the Past, One Marathon at a Time

By Caleb Daniloff

Mariner Books, 9780544105430, 233pp.

Publication Date: October 22, 2013



"Running Ransom Road" is Caleb Daniloff's unblinking, ultimately triumphant account of his journey from mean, hopeless drunk back to humanity and himself through distance running. It's a searing tale of spiritual redemption one marathon, one mile, one brave, difficult step at a time. Steve Friedman, co-author of "New York Times" bestseller "Eat and Run" and author of the memoir "Lost on Treasure Island"
For fifteen years, the words that best described Caleb Daniloff were drunk, addict, and abuser. These days, the best word to describe him is runner.
In "Running Ransom Road," the long-since-sober Daniloff confronts his past by setting out to run races in each of the cities where he once lived and wreaked havoc during that lost period of his life. As he competes in marathons from Boston to Vermont to Moscow, he explores his old destructive life and how running's sobering and inspiring effects have changed him for the better. In doing so, he connects with others like him, illuminating the connection between addiction and running. "Running Ransom Road" is at once a memoir of addiction, finding oneself, and learning to push past barriers both physical and emotional.
Just as Caleb Daniloff's life was about to tumble into the abyss of addiction, he was lucky enough to discover he liked to run, simply for himself. In "Running Ransom Road," his captivating narrative describes a journey of personal redemption that, fortunately for us, he is willing to share. Frank Shorter, Olympic marathon gold medalist.