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Bluford #18

Pretty Ugly

Karyn Langhorne Folan

Mass Market Paperbound

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Bluford High: It's not just school--it's real life.

Jamee Wills never expected Vanessa Pierce and her friends to go this far. The trouble begins at cheerleading practice when Vanessa starts teasing Angel McAllister, a shy new girl at Bluford High. When the insults turn nasty, Jamee tries to stop them. She wins Angel's friendship but makes many enemies. Now Jamee is a target, and someone is texting lies and pictures of her all over school. Unwilling to tell her family or snitch on her fellow cheerleaders, Jamee is cornered. Will her next move solve her problems--or make them worse?

Praise For Bluford #18: Pretty Ugly

Praise for Bluford High:
"The Bluford novels have been wildly popular with young readers across the country and continue to entice reluctant readers. . . . The books are well written, treat the problems of inner-city youth with respect, and avoid easy answers to the challenges that kids face today." --James Blasingame, Associate Professor of English Education at Arizona State University, coeditor of The ALAN Review
Here's what teens are saying about Bluford High:
"I love the Bluford series because I can relate to the stories and the characters. They are just like real life. Ever since I read the first one, I've been hooked." --Jolene P.
"I found it very easy to lose myself in these books. They kept my interest from beginning to end and were always realistic. The characters are vivid, and the endings left me in eager anticipation of the next book." --Keziah J.
"Man! These books are amazing!" --Dominique J.

Scholastic Paperbacks, 9780545395533, 176pp.

Publication Date: April 1, 2013