T4: A Novel in Verse (Hardcover)

A Novel in Verse

By Ann Clare Lezotte

Houghton Mifflin, 9780547046846, 108pp.

Publication Date: September 22, 2008



It is 1939. Paula Becker, thirteen years old and deaf, lives with her family in a rural German town. As rumors swirl of disabled children quietly disappearing, a priest comes to her family’s door with an offer to shield Paula from an uncertain fate. When the sanctuary he offers is fleeting, Paula needs to call upon all her strength to stay one step ahead of the Nazis.

Praise For T4: A Novel in Verse

"This free verse historical-fiction account is as gripping and moving as any Holocaust story and would be a rich addition to any World War II study."Winston Salem Journal

"A gentle retelling of a horrific situation. . . . A great addition to the cannon of WWII YA literature, helping readers to understand how being different at this time was a dangerous thing."KLIATT

"In her powerful debut novel, LeZotte, who is deaf, tells the story from the viewpoint of one young girl, who speaks in spare, lyrical, intense free verse that blends her personal experience with the historical facts and an additional adult perspective that looks back."Booklist

"LeZotte’s use of free verse offers a lyrical, flowing story of yet another aspect of this historic tragedy. As a deaf person herself, she is able to delve deep into the main character’s feelings as a disabled person, adding another layer to this moving account."Advocate News, Baton Rouge, Lousiana

"This short yet stirring read accompanied by additional notes at the back of the book would be a rich addition to any Holocaust study unit."--Jewish Book World

"T4 exposes the darkness of the time while capturing the wonder and hope of one girl's survival."About Our Children

"I found that I couldn't put this book down. It was so amazing. . . [it’s] really rich in detail and is a great story."FlamingNet.com, student review

"A poetic book that simply and powerfully examines the injustices of the Nazis during World War II."Holly Newton, Newton's Book Notes