Too Many Frogs! (Hardcover)

By Ann Hassett, John Hassett (Illustrator)

Houghton Mifflin, 9780547362991, 32pp.

Publication Date: July 11, 2011



Nana Quimby has a problem. She wants to bake a cake, but it seems her cellar is filled with water! Too much water! Nana puts a call in to the plumber, who makes a house call. After the plumber leaves and the water is gone, with just one thump, Nana Quimby has an even bigger problem: TOO MANY FROGS! First one frog comes from the basement. Then ten frogs. Then twenty, thirty, then more! Nana Quimby goes about her cake-making business. But the thumping, bumping, banging, bonking frogs become too much to ignore! With the help of some clever neighborhood kids, will Nana Quimby be able to solve her problem and enjoy her cake in peace and quiet? CROAK!

Praise For Too Many Frogs!

"Cupcake colors animate Nana Quimby's kitchen and her friendly urban neighborhood, while silly noises ("thump-thump-bang-bang-bonk"), repeating phrases, and improbable numbers ("She opened the door, and a million frogs hopped, jumped, bumped, and bounced across the kitchen floor") keep this sweet tale moving smartly along."—Publishers Weekly

"Young listeners will quickly memorize the story and then focus on everything else that is happening in proximity to Nana Quimby’s latest eccentric encounter with wildlife."—Kirkus