Trieste (Hardcover)

By Dasa Drndic

Houghton Mifflin, 9780547725147, 359pp.

Publication Date: January 14, 2014



Haya Tedeschi sits alone in Gorizia, in northeastern Italy, surrounded by a basket of photographs and newspaper clippings. Now an old woman, she waits to be reunited after sixty-two years with her son, fathered by an SS officer and stolen from her by the German authorities as part of Himmler's clandestine Lebensborn project.

Haya reflects on her Catholicized Jewish family's experiences, dealing unsparingly with the massacre of Italian Jews in the concentration camps of Trieste. Her obsessive search for her son leads her to photographs, maps, and fragments of verse, to testimonies from the Nuremberg trials and interviews with second-generation Jews, and toeyewitness accounts of atrocities that took place on her doorstep.From this broad collage of material and memory arises the staggeringchronicle ofNazi occupationin northern Italy.

Written in immensely powerful language and employing a range of astonishing conceptual devices, Trieste is a novel like no other. Da a Drndi has produced a shattering contribution to the literature oftwentieth-century history.

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