How to Have a Smarter Baby: The Infant Stimulation Program for Enhancing Your Baby's Natural Development (Mass Market Paperbound)

The Infant Stimulation Program for Enhancing Your Baby's Natural Development

By Susan Ludington-Hoe, Susan Golant

Bantam, 9780553265415, 352pp.

Publication Date: May 1, 1987




Dr. Susan Ludington-Hoe's internationally acclaimed Infant Stimulation Program has shown thousands of parents how to have healthier, happier, and smarter babies. In this important book, Dr. Ludington-Hoe shares with you the remarkable techniques and learning toys she developed and tested--with dramatic results--with parents and children. Stressing the development of a close and loving relationship between you and your child, she shows you what to do at every stage--during pregnancy, the first days after birth and the crucial first six months--to expand your joys in parenting and maximize your baby's physical and mental potential. You'll learn how to:

∑ Plan a pregnancy diet to promote your baby's brain growth
∑ Design a nursery that will stimulate mental and physical development
∑ Make and/or buy inexpensive toys to accelerate muscular and eye coordination
∑ Tailor your program to your infant's needs
∑ Talk to baby in captivating ways that will encourage language development
∑ Include father to bond the whole family in a relaxed, nurturing, and loving environment

..".an extremely clear treatise on infant development and the use of various toys and techniques designed for each stage."--Los Angeles Times

About the Author

Dr. Susan Ludington-Hoe received her PhD from Texas Women's University, majoring in maternal-child health and minoring in child development. She is also a certified nurse midwife. Since 1976, Dr. Ludington-Hoe has published numerous scholarly articles documenting her research studies in the field of infant development, infant stimulation, and Kangaroo Care. She is also the coauthor with Susan K. Golant of the popular book How to Have a Smarter Baby. Susan Golant, MA, is a freelance writer and editor who specializes in book collaborations. Golant has written 40 books and edited 12 more in the last 38 years. She received a Master of Arts in French language and literature from California State University, Northridge. She lives in Los Angeles.