Retirement for Two (Paperback)

By Maryanne Vandervelde

Bantam, 9780553382754, 320pp.

Publication Date: November 29, 2005



In Retirement for Two, psychologist Maryanne Vandervelde, author of the breakthrough book The Changing Life of the Corporate Wife, and human resources consultant, picks up where the standard retirement guides leave off. Vandervelde helps spouses-- nearing or already in retirement--confront, with honesty, respect, and humour, the conflicts and adjustments unique at this stage of life.

Vandervelde doesn't give tax or estate planning, or 401K advice; that she leaves to the money men and women (she does deal with the emotional fallout of money and spending, like not having enough). She explores the challenges for couples, who upon retirement find they have many more choices than ever before, and therefore ample room for disagreement and disappointment. Even couples who think they've experienced it all are often suprised by retirements' special challenges.

Retirement for Two offers commonsense advice, tackling such issues as:
*Where will you live? Will you downsize? Move south or west? Split time between city and country? Live apart/together for some time each year?
*What will you do with your time?
*What will your relationships with kids and grandkids be like?
*What kind of social life do you want?
*What do you each desire for the rest of your lives? What happens when you want different things? Have different goals?
*Sex and intimacy.
*getting strong, staying healthy, dealing with a spouse's illness.

Whether you are already grappling with post-work issues, or are approaching retirement age and thinking about how it is all going to work out, here is an invaluable tool you can use to help your relationship--and yourself--survive and thrive through some of the best years of your life.

Praise For Retirement for Two

“As 77 million baby boomers approach retirement age, it is essential that we be financially prepared. However, it is equally important that all couples openly discuss their dreams and aspirations and their vision of what they want their second half to be. That's where Dr. Maryanne Vandervelde's invaluable guide steps in. To my mind, Retirement for Two is required reading for all couples -of any age - who hope to grow old together in a fulfilled relationship.”
--Carrie Schwab Pomerantz, President, The Charles Schwab Corporation Foundation, and co-author of It Pays to Talk: How to Have the Essential Conversations With Your Family About Money and Investing

“There's more to retirement than money–much more–and Vandervelde’s book can help you and your spouse understand just how different–and how much fun–life can be in retirement.”
--Ric Edelman, author of Ordinary People, Extraordinary Wealth

"Couples who do everything together often plan for retirement apart. The great contribution of this pathbreaking book is to show couples how to anticipate the many challenges retirement brings–psychological, legal, financial, and medical–before it's upon them. Vandervelde knows that retirement is a joint venture best planned for jointly. This is the one book that every baby boomer should read immediately."
--Edward L. Schneider, M.D., Dean, Leonard Davis School of Gerontology at the University of Southern California, and author of Ageless: Take Control of Your Age and Stay Youthful for Life