The Doctor's Complete College Girls' Health Guide: From Sex to Drugs to the Freshman Fifteen (Paperback)

From Sex to Drugs to the Freshman Fifteen

By Jennifer Wider

Bantam Books, 9780553383423, 350pp.

Publication Date: March 28, 2006



Congratulations, you've made it.
Now it's time for some serious girl talk about how you're going to get through the next four years in a new place while trying to make new friends, fit in, and get good grades...all on your own Destined to become a college girl's best friend, this head-to-toe guide will keep you physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy on the exciting journey to independence and adulthood.
Dr. Jennifer Wider has networked with college girls around the country to find out the information they needed most. Here are answers to all your questions about:
-Sexuality and birth control
-Eating disorders
-Sleep problems
-Weight management
-Pap smears and gynecological health
-Protecting yourself against STDs
-Handling depression, anxiety, loneliness, and stress
-Treating PMS, PMDD, yeast and urinary tract infections
-Drugs and addiction
-Proper diet and nutrition
-Surviving spring break
-Navigating the college health center
-And much more
From the common cold to tattooing to what every girl should pack in her "campus health kit," you'll find it here. Written in consultation with college grads who've been there and done that, this is the most important book you'll carry for the next four years.

About the Author

Jennifer Wider is a doctor, author, and radio personality who specializes in women's health issues. She is the medical advisor to the Society for Women's Health Research and hosts a weekly health segment on Sirius Satellite Radio for "Cosmopolitan" magazine's radio channel. Dr. Wider is on the medical advisory board for "Cosmopolitan" Magazine and has been frequently published in newspapers, magazines and Web sites across the country. Her first book was The Doctor's Complete College Girls' Health Guide: From Sex to Drugs to the Freshman 15. She lives with her physician husband, and their daughter and son, in Fairfield County, Connecticut