Ferney (Mass Market Paperback)

By James Long

Bantam, 9780553581416, 464pp.

Publication Date: October 3, 2000



A novel for anyone who's ever believed that two people are destined for each other, that passion has no end, and that true love never dies...
It was an accidental detour inspired by one of Gally's frequent panic attacks that sent her husband, Mike, down a twisting lane to the abandoned country cottage. From the moment she saw it, Gally felt a peace she hadn't known in years and the inexplicable sense that she had finally come home. As her husband works at their new home's restoration, Gally finds herself growing unexpectedly close to an eighty-three-year-old man named Ferney. How could she become so attached to a virtual stranger? And why does Ferney seem to know her better than she knows herself? Through Ferney's old stories Gally finds herself transported to a distant past where two lovers made a vow even death could not break. Soon Gally will face a life-and-death dilemma that has followed her and Ferney down through the centuries. It will be a moment of decision that will forever change not only their lives but the lives of all they touch.

Praise For Ferney

"A lyrical and passionate tale."
-- Booklist

"A bittersweet story, Ferney leaves the reader with hope that in the darkest night, those who stay with their principles will be rewarded with the brightest light. Mr. Long has written a special, different novel."
-- Midwest Book Review

-- Publishers Weekly

"A story of love and self-discovery that resonates across the ages."
-- Nicholas Evans author of The Horse Whisperer

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