Guinness World Records 2009 (Mass Market Paperback)

By Craig Glenday (Editor)

Bantam, 9780553592566, 608pp.

Publication Date: April 28, 2009



From every corner of the globe—and beyond—Guinness World Records™ 2009 gathers the most amazing, inspirational, and even bizarre record breakers yet! From don’t-try-this-at-home human achievements to natural and technological wonders, incredible feats in sports and entertainment, and much more, this latest edition introduces important new records and fascinating facts that will captivate every imagination. Did you know . . .

At 2 feet 5.37 inches, the shortest (mobile) living man is 19-year-old He Pingping of China, who was measured on March 22, 2008.

The world’s most expensive cocktail is offered at the Skyview Bar in Dubai, UAE. It costs $7,439 (27,321 dirham) and consists of 55-year-old Macallan whisky from Scotland, ice made from the water used at their distillery, a drop of exclusive dried fruit bitters, and passion-fruit-scented sugar.

Jeanne Stawiecki of the United States became the oldest female to climb the Seven Summits, including Mount Kosciuszko, when she completed her last climb (Mount Everest, Nepal) on May 22, 2007, at the age of 57 years, 36 days.

And that’s just a hint of what you’ll find inside this mind-blowing book, including striking photos, exclusive interviews, special sections on the year’s milestones—plus information on how you too can join the Guinness family of world-record breakers!