The Nanny Diaries (Audio Cassette, Abridged)

By Nicola Kraus, Julia Roberts (Read by), Emma Mclaughlin

Random House Audio, 9780553714753

Publication Date: February 28, 2002



Read by Julia Roberts

Based on the real-life experiences, the inside story on the real lives of the rich and privileged from the women who know all the secrets - the nannies.

The Nanny Diaries deftly skewers the manner in which America's over-privileged raises les petites - as if grooming them for a Best of Show competition. A poignant satire, it punctures the glamor of Manhattan's upper class to tackle head-on the truer state of backstairs Park Avenue.

Struggling to graduate from NYU and afford her microscopic apartment, Nanny takes a job caring for the only son of the wealthy X family. She rapidly learns the insane amount of juggling involved in ensuring that a Park Avenue wife who doesn't work, cook, clean, or raise her own child has a smooth day.

When the X's marriage begins to disintegrate, Nanny's nearly impossible mission becomes maintaining the mental health of their four-year-old, her own integrity, and most importantly, her sense of humor. Over nine tense months Mrs X and Nanny perform the age old dance of decorum and power as they test the limits of modern-day servitude.

Praise For The Nanny Diaries


"I thoroughly enjoyed [THE NANNY DIARIES]; could not put it down...reading it was an incredibly compelling voyeuristic thrill. Getting a glimpse behind the thick stone walls of those Park Avenue apartment buildings and into the excessively rich families who live in them (how much childcare help they have [a lot]; how badly they treat their help [badly, very badly]; how often these children see their actual parents [almost never]) is fascinating and, at the same time, impossibly funny." - Laura Zigman, author of Dating Big Bird and Animal Husbandry