The Cutout - Abridged (Caroline Carmichael) (Digital Audiobook)

By Francine Mathews, Trini Alvarado (Narrator)

Publication Date: January 29, 2001

Other Editions of This Title:
Mass Market (10/30/2001)


CUTOUT: A third person used to conceal the contact between two people. A pawn.

They were partners — lovers in a business where betrayal is a heartbeat away. CIA analyst Caroline Carmichael lost her husband Eric when his plane was blown out of the sky by an elite group of terrorists known as 30 April.

Now her dead husband has surfaced among those responsible for an explosion that rocks Berlin — and the brutal kidnapping of the U.S. Vice President. Uncertain of Eric’s motives and loyalties, the Agency plays its last, best card: Eric’s wife — the Cutout.

Is Eric a rogue agent gone bad? Or has he thrown himself under deep cover to terminate a ruthless psychopath? Caroline is drawn into a dizzying maze where one wrong turn will mean certain death ... and in which the Cutout will be the first to fall.

About the Author

Francine Mathews a former CIA analyst, is the author of four novels in the Merry Folger mystery series; under the pseudonym Stephanie Barron, she is also the author of five bestselling Jane Austen mysteries. She lives in Colorado.