The Last Run: A Queen & Country Novel (Hardcover)

A Queen & Country Novel

By Greg Rucka

Bantam, 9780553804751, 272pp.

Publication Date: October 26, 2010



The game of espionage catches up to everyone in the end. Now, in Greg Rucka’s sensational new Queen & Country thriller, the world’s most lethal woman embarks on one final and all-too-likely fatal mission.

For nearly a decade Tara Chace has been Britain’s top covert agent. But Chace is past her expiration date. Her body hurts. Her nerves are scrambled. She’s ready for a desk job, the quiet role of mentor to a new generation of special operations officers. But before her replacement can be chosen, there’s one last job for Queen and country . . . and it may be the last thing she does. Ever.

The assignment begins with an enigmatic message from Iran—a message made all the more perplexing not just by its cryptic code but by its apparent dispatcher. But what if the long-dormant cipher is a trap meant to entice Iran’s enemies into the open? There’s only one way to find out—and only one agent who can do it: Tara Chace.

Soon Chace is on the ground in Tehran leading an extraction team toward a high-profile defector. But obtaining him is one thing, getting him out of the country will be another. For with the likelihood of a double cross at every turn, Chace knows that chaos can erupt in a heartbeat. And when it does, it’s far worse than even she expects.

Now, if she’s to have a future, Chace must survive any way she can. And that means one thing hasn’t changed: Tara Chace is never the hunted. She’s always the hunter.

About the Author

Born in San Francisco, Greg Rucka was raised on the Monterey Peninsula. He is the "New York Times" bestselling author of eleven novels, including five featuring Atticus Kodiak, and numerous comic books, including the Eisner Award-winning "Whiteout: Melt." He lives in Portland, Oregon, with his family.

Praise For The Last Run: A Queen & Country Novel

Praise for Greg Rucka’s Queen & Country novels and his thrilling protagonist Tara Chace

“Read Greg Rucka. It’s that simple. Open one of his books and what you’ve got is a fistful of dynamite.”—The Cincinnati Enquirer
“Greg Rucka is a refreshingly bold talent.”—Dennis Lehane
“Forget Lara Croft. . . . If you’re looking for a really tough broad, seek out British super-spy Tara Chace!” —The Oregonian
“Tara Chace novels are rough-and-tumble adventures that feel very real.”—Booklist
“A Swiss watch of a thriller: well-machined, precise, and inexorable.” —Entertainment Weekly
“Engrossing . . . an intricate, layered thriller [told] with all the skill of a master foreign policy strategist.” —Chicago Sun-Times
“Rucka has carved out his own style. . . . [Tara Chace is] a lover and a killer—a bit of genius with a sense of humor.” —Salem Statesman Journal