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Lord of the Flies (Digital Audiobook)

By William Golding, Martin Jarvis (Narrator)

Publication Date: September 5, 2012

Other Editions of This Title:
Digital Audiobook (11/25/2002)
Paperback (12/16/2003)
Prebound (7/1/1959)
Paperback (11/15/2016)
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Paperback (11/1/2011)
Paperback (10/1/1999)
Paperback (9/1/1987)
Hardcover (5/7/2013)
Prebound (12/16/2003)
Paperback (9/20/2012)
Hardcover (5/1/1999)
Paperback (6/3/2002)
Paperback (4/1/2010)
Audio Cassette (11/26/2002)
Paperback, Chinese (8/1/2006)
Paperback (7/15/2004)


A plane crashes on a desert island and the only survivors, a group of schoolboys, assemble on the beach and wait to be rescued. By day they inhabit a land of bright fantastic birds and dark blue seas, but at night their dreams are haunted by the image of a terrifying beast. As the boys' delicate sense of order fades, so their childish dreams are transformed into something more primitive, and their behaviour starts to take on a murderous, savage significance.

First Published in 1954, Lord of the Flies is one of the most celebrated and widely read of modern classics