Smuggler (Paperback)

By Nicholas Fillmore

Iambic Books, 9780578403489, 290pp.

Publication Date: January 1, 2019

List Price: 14.99*
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Winner of 2019 IndieReader Discovery Award.

Young Americans get involved in a dangerous international heroin smuggling conspiracy.

When twenty-something post-grad Nick Fillmore discovers the zine he publishes is a front for drug profits, he begins a dangerous flirtation with an international heroin smuggling operation and in a matter of months finds himself on a fast ride that he doesn't know how to get off of.

After a bag goes missing in an airport transit lounge, Fillmore is summoned to West Africa to participate in a fetish oath with Nigerian mafia. Bound to drug boss Alhaji, Fillmore returns to Europe to finish the job. But in Chicago O'Hare customs agents "blitz" the plane and a courier is arrested.

Thus begins a harried yearlong effort to elude the Feds, prison and a looming existential dead end. Smuggler relates the real events hehind OITNB.