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The Silent Suicide

Margot Dragon


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The Silent Suicide, The Link Between PTSD, Addiction and Breast Cancer

Have you ever wondered why people get breast cancer? This was a burning question in my mind as to "why." What started out to be a nagging question after watching and helping people personally and professionally suffer from breast cancer ended up being a book. But here it is, after 20 years of thought, research, and my own personal discovery, the answers to my burning question of why people get breast cancer. This book will give some insights as to how these cancers form from a Traditional Chinese Medical standpoint.

Traditional Chinese Medicine involves the body, mind, and spirit, and when we look at diseases, the physical will always be equal to the emotional. For example, the root cause of cancer runs deep within a person and can be connected to some unresolved emotional or physical experiences between a mother and child.

The book will give the reader a better understanding of how these cancers occur by looking at both TCM and Western Medicine and emotional factors. It will also give you some perspective into healing and resolving the disconnect between body, mind, and spirit.

Margot Dragon, 9780578996509, 322pp.

Publication Date: September 24, 2021