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Marvel Little Golden Books Set



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Boxed Set (7/23/2013)


The Courageous Captain America (Marvel: Captain America): Dressed in red, white, and blue and carrying an unbreakable shield, Captain America is ready to fight for justice. Leap into the action with this amazing hero!

The Mighty Avengers (Marvel: The Avengers): Marvel’s greatest heroes—including Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, and the Hulk—come together in this all-new Little Golden Book.

The Amazing Spider-Man (Marvel: Spider-Man): Swing into the action with the Amazing Spider-Man! Learn all about this wall-crawling Super Hero’s incredible powers in the first-ever Spider-Man Little Golden Book!

The Invincible Iron Man (Marvel: Iron Man): Clad in invincible armor, Iron Man is always ready to rocket to the rescue. Join this heavy-duty hero to learn all about his amazing armor and most fearsome foes!

The Mighty Thor (Marvel: Thor): Thor, who possesses incredible strength and magical hammer that gives him the power to fly and control the weather, becomes one of Earth’s mightiest heroes! Find out how Thor earned his mighty hammer in this action-packed tale.

Doctor Strange (Marvel: Doctor Strange): Meet Doctor Strange, the Marvel Super Hero who protects the earth from wicked wizards and monsters with the power of magic! This action-packed adventure features some of everyone’s favorite Marvel Super Heroes and villains.

Black Panther (Marvel: Black Panther): Meet Marvel’s Black Panther! As an Avenger, this Super Hero uses his strength, speed, and unbreakable claws to pounce evil-doers! Learn all about the Black Panther—from his Wakandan origins to his powers as well as his friends and foes.

Captain Marvel (Marvel): Meet Marvel’s out-of-this-world new Super Hero Captain Marvel as she uses her amazing powers of flight and super strength to fight alien threats to Earth!

Wasp: Small and Mighty! (Marvel Ant-Man and Wasp): When a high-tech villain invades the Avengers Mansion, it’s up to the small but mighty Wasp to save her fellow Avengers in this action-packed tale.

Ant-Man (Marvel: Ant-Man): Meet Ant-Man, Marvel’s tiny hero—who packs a big punch in this Little Golden Book!

Guardians of the Galaxy (Marvel: Guardians of the Galaxy): Star-Lord, Groot, Rocket, and the other Guardians of the Galaxy race through a universe filled with foes to save the day!

The Incredible Hulk (Marvel: Incredible Hulk): He’s big, he’s strong, he’s green—he’s the Incredible Hulk! Learn all about the Hulk’s awesome super powers and see him smash his most fearsome foes!

Golden Books, 9780593219140

Publication Date: November 14, 2019