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Cover for What the Wind Picked Up

What the Wind Picked Up

Proof that a Single Idea Can Launch a Thousand Stories

Chi Libris


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The members of ChiLibris, all multi-published Christian novelists, remember when they had the same fear. Something they've all discovered is that it isn't the idea that is so unique--since the same basic stories are told again and again, and we never tire of hearing them. What's unique is the expression of those ideas.

To show new writers that they can relax about their ideas--and to simply celebrate the diversity of their storytelling gifts--the members of ChiLibris undertook this book. Each writer made something different from the same basic idea. Each of the 21 short stories in this book use the same five elements:

The first line: The wind was picking up.

Mistaken identity

Pursuit at a noted landmark

Unusual form of transportation

The last line: So that's exactly what she did.

As you enjoy these vastly differing variations on a theme, relax about your own marvelous ideas and concentrate instead on writing the very best novel you can. Because what readers want isn't so much an idea that's never been done before, but the story told with your style, your wit, and your voice.

iUniverse, 9780595341139, 184pp.

Publication Date: February 7, 2005