Isles of View (Paperback)

By C. F. Brunner

iUniverse, 9780595362356, 160pp.

Publication Date: March 20, 2006



Cara DiSordo cannot help but notice Dan Brighton's slate-blue eyes when she first meets him. When he reveals he is profoundly deaf, Cara already knows nothing can stop her growing attraction to him. Drawn to his quiet dignity, ambition, and confidence, Cara begins to teach herself the rudiments of sign language. As their relationship evolves into a comfortable pairing, they soon fall in love and marry. But it is not long before Cara recognizes the tough realities of being married to a deaf partner. As Dan's internal struggles and shame of his disability manifests itself in angry and peculiar ways, Cara attributes his dark side to a troubled upbringing involving a father's disappointment, a sister's animosity, and a mother's irresolute love. Under constant strain, but never out of love with Dan, Cara accepts a job promotion eleven years later that takes her away from him for several months. As she returns home after exploring her ability to continue in a difficult marriage, now only time will tell if Dan and Cara's relationship can survive their unique challenges. In this heartfelt love story, a deaf man and a hearing woman must determine whether they can defy the odds of their loving yet unconventional marriage and strengthen their bond to last a lifetime.