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Requiem for the Phoenix

Skip Allen


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Action-packed, well-woven reading . . . will leave readers wondering how safe they are in the post-9/11 era, and how much their government is really telling them. -Foreword /Clarion Review The author delivers a . . . stirring thriller that relies on political maneuvering . . . just as much as action. -KIRKUS REVIEWS Scheming politicians, spies, terrorists, and clandestine power brokers converge in . . . Requiem for the Phoenix. -Blueink Review Two years have passed since the Phoenix operation al Qaida's secret attack on the American Heartland with a biological weapon of mass destruction. Since then, al Qaida has undergone an unexpected reversal. They broadcast a series of strange messages, offering with one hand an olive branch of peace to end terrorism and help support the U.S. president's worldwide democratic reforms. In al Qaida's other hand, however, is their secret plot to launch the second phase of the Phoenix operation a series of attacks comprising their most devastating wave of terror since 9/11. As the suspense-filled plot unfolds across three continents, al Qaida stops at nothing to make America and the free world yield to their fanatical domination.

iUniverse, 9780595403196, 474pp.

Publication Date: August 21, 2006