Explorers of the Body (Paperback)

Dramatic Breakthroughs in Medicine from Ancient Times to Modern Science

By Steven Lehrer

iUniverse, 9780595407316, 476pp.

Publication Date: September 8, 2006

List Price: 29.95*
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How does the body work? This question has intrigued and occupied mankind since soothsayers first peered into animal entrails. From the primitive medicine of ancient Egypt to the mind-boggling achievements of modern laboratories, the healing craft has been a fascinating part of man's progress. "Explorers of the Body" is a history of medicine told through lively stories of the men and women who made the great breakthroughs in our understanding of human physiology: Edward Jenner, Gregor Mendel, Marie Curie, Jonas Salk, William Harvey, Louis Pasteur, Joseph Lister, and many others.

""Explorers of the Body" is an exceptionally good book, both amusing and educational."

-Isaac Bashevis Singer

"Lots of good medical lore-and juicy."

-"Kirkus Reviews"

"The author has accomplished a tour de force."


"An engrossing account of the medical milestones upon which 20th Century medicine is based."

-"Library Journal"

"Factual accounts often stranger and more dramatic than fiction.Among the many lively anecdotes is the story of the unusual collaboration between bacteriologist-writer Paul de Kruif and Sinclair Lewis, which produced the latter's prize-winning novel "Arrowsmith.""

-"Publishers Weekly.