Tricks with Your Head: Hilarious Magic Tricks and Stunts to Disgust and Delight (Paperback)

Hilarious Magic Tricks and Stunts to Disgust and Delight

By Mac King, Mark Levy

Three Rivers Press (CA), 9780609805916, 208pp.

Publication Date: February 26, 2002



"Mac King is a god." --Penn and Teller

Tricks with Your Head
is the world's greatest (and only) collection of hilarious, mystifying, and sometimes repulsive magic tricks that you can perform with your very own head.

If you've only thought of your head as a receptacle for so-called higher learning, or as a structure for keeping your haircut from falling into your body cavity, rejoice Now you can use that ten-pound meatball between your shoulders as a source of ribald entertainment. Best of all, when you learn to perform a head trick, you can never be caught without your prop.

Mac King and Mark Levy have perfected the ultimate mix of head games (literally) in this clever illustrated volume that teaches you how to:
* Make your head disappear
* Penetrate your skull with a drinking straw
* Make a french fry vanish up your nose
* Read someone's mind
* Jab a fork in your eye.

About the Author

MAC KING is a magician's magician who performs in the top Las Vegas hotels and has his own segment, "Mac King's School of Magic," on NBC's annual World's Greatest Magic show. MARK LEVY is a contributing editor at Magic magazine and is the author of Accidental Genius: Revolutionize Your Thinking Through Private Writing and the cocreator of Magic for Dummies.