The Sound of the String (Paperback)

An African Bush Country Adventure

By Brad Isham

Starving Stick Publishing, 9780615557458, 258pp.

Publication Date: February 1, 2012

List Price: 15.95*
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The Sound Of The String is the winner of the 2012 NABE Pinnacle Award for Best Adventure Novel. Set in the beauty of the African bush, Gordon Bradford's journey ushers him to the emotional and spiritual reckonings of both people and animals. Men and women will share the insight, build from its lessons, good and bad, and will be closer from the triumphs and failures of the characters. With a handmade longbow and a duffle bag Gordon discovers Africa...and more. His first safari leads to more as his spiritual connection with the land, people, and wildlife evolves. He discovers ethereal connections with the animals he pursues and learns from their perspectives the balance of the bushveld, for predator and prey. Gordon is mentored by the sage wisdom of Moses, an elderly black man whose early years were spent in racially torn South Africa. He shares in the lives of the people in a remote bush camp and helps as they defend themselves from baboons, poachers, and an angry mob from a neighboring village that attack the camp. His friendship builds with his guide and Professional Hunter, Lucas, while finding he is falling in love with Lucas' wife, Lise. Sabotage and subterfuge between Gordon and Lucas is hidden behind their professional and personal relationships as they attempt their most dangerous hunt together for Cape buffalo. During the hunt there is a touching story of the last days of Dagga Boy, an old Cape buffalo, as he is cast from his herd. He travels only with his guardian, Askari, and passes his life's lessons to the young bull as they navigate the dangers of the bushveld to find water and stay alive. The buffalo and hunters find themselves at the same water hole for a thrilling end which leaves one of them dead, one desperately alone, and the others spinning in clouds of their own conspiracy. As lies are exposed, lives are left in tatters. The Sound of the String captures the setting and appeals to the senses. It summons the sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and touch of Africa. It brings its readers into the bushveld and leaves them immersed.

About the Author

Internationally published author and 2012 NABE Pinnacle Award winner, Brad Isham, finds a great sense of balance and fulfillment through writing. He and his wife enthusiastically share the adventures of travel and the outdoors. He also enjoys the simplicity of hunting with a longbow uniting the archaic implements of the past with the present moment. He is a member of the Mason Dixon Outdoor Writers Association and has written for several outdoor magazines including Africa's Bowhunter, The African Hunting Gazette, Traditional Bowhunter Magazine, The Virginia Sportsman, and The Professional Bowhunter's Society.