A Lighter Side to Cancer: From Wake-Up Call to Radiant Wellness (Paperback)

From Wake-Up Call to Radiant Wellness

By Sandra Miniere M. Ed

Integrative Wellness Expert, 9780615642710, 248pp.

Publication Date: August 26, 2012


About the Author

Sandra treated her stage I breast cancer as though it were stage IV. She used a systems approach to destroy cancer cells within her body and correct the deficiencies that created them in the first place. She continues to live a lifestyle that prevents a cancer recurrence and improves her health and wellbeiing. Sandra has successfully moved beyond a traumatic childhood and two divorces. At the age of 30, she began college. The women's consciousness movement inspired her to become more. After six years, she left school with a Masters of Education Degree in counseling. Sandra is the former executive director of a women's center. She also maintained a twenty year private practice as a body-centered mental health counselor in central New Jersey. Learning never stopped for her. She became an energy worker, hypnotherapist, and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) practitioner. She immersed herself in the human potential and transformation movement. She explored transpersonal psychology, feminine psychology and mysticism. As a result of her commitment to finding truth, she has become an intuitive with a deep spiritual connection to herself and life. Sandra currently offers coaching services and EFT consultations in person and on the telephone. She gives seminars, teleclasses and speeches on a variety of motivational and wellness topics and writes articles for newspapers, magazines and Internet websites. She feels fulfilled and energized when she is making a positive difference in someone's life. She thrives on inspiring others to become their best and accomplish the extraordinary.