Squarehead (Hardcover)

By Todd McKie (Illustrator), Harriet Ziefert

Houghton Mifflin Books for Children, 9780618083787, 32pp.

Publication Date: April 1, 2001

List Price: 16.00*
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Young George has a square head. He is a squarehead, and, being so, prefers square to any other shape. He particularly can t seem to get his mind around the idea of shapes without right angles circles, ovals, and spheres. George finds wheels annoying, and baseballs dangerous, and eggs make him sick. In George's world everything is square even the earth. One night George has a dream. He floats off into outer space and encounters all sorts of nonsquare objects, like planets, the sun, and even the earth itself. And he learns that, after all, the world is round.
Children will delight in the bright, flat shapes that illustrate every page and George's silly view of the world with square birds, square dogs, square cats square everything. And if they aren t careful, they might just learn a thing or two about shapes and the value of differences.