His Name Was Raoul Wallenberg (Hardcover)

By Louise Borden

Houghton Mifflin, 9780618507559, 144pp.

Publication Date: January 17, 2012



An amazing and inspirational World War II story about how one man saved the lives of many.

Raoul Wallenberg's name may not be a universally familiar one, but the impact he had is immeasurable. Wallenberg was a Swedish humanitarian who worked in Budapest during World War II to rescue Jews from the Holocaust. He did this by issuing protective passports and housing Jews in buildings established as Swedish territory, saving tens of thousands of lives. Louise Borden researched Wallenberg's life for many years, visiting with his family and the site of his childhood home, and learned his story from beginning to end. Wallenberg himself has not been heard from since 1945. It is suspected he died while in Russian custody, though this has never been proven. Raoul Wallenberg . . . it's a name you may not have known, but you'll never forget his story.

About the Author

Louise Borden is the author of 25 picture books, including the acclaimed The Journey that Saved Curious George. A history major in college, Borden attended Denison University. Louise and her husband Peter have three grown children, and three grandchildren. They live live in Cincinnati and also in the Washington, D.C. metro area.

Praise For His Name Was Raoul Wallenberg

"Moving and inspiring; Wallenberg’s is a name to remember for all time, and Borden has done an admirable job of ensuring readers will."—Kirkus

"Borden's extensive research is evident throughout. Abundant photographs add immediacy to the narrative, and the double-spaced text and wide margins make the book accessible to students with reading difficulties."--School Library Journal, starred review "Borden takes a little-known story from history and gives it new life and appeal via meticulous research and deft presentation...a compelling and readable nonfiction gem."--VOYA