Alert! (Hardcover)

By Etienne Delessert

Houghton Mifflin Books for Children, 9780618734740, 32pp.

Publication Date: March 1, 2007



Tobias is a very special mole. He collects shiny round pebbles and hides them down in his burrow where they’re safe . . . or are they? When a “friend” warns him about robbers on the prowl, Tobias begins to worry. Should he scatter the precious pebbles throughout his network of tunnels? Or can he guard them more easily together in one room? Frantically, Tobias moves his stones from one place to another until he discovers, too late, that he has been tricked into letting his fears get the better of him. This contemporary fable warns of the dangers of misplaced trust and unwarranted fears.

Praise For Alert!

A dark fable about the power of thought. . . . Delessert's willingness to enter the recesses of Tobias's mind . . . shows how seriously he takes children.
Publishers Weekly

Not trusting strangers is always worth discussing, and Delessert's art is always worth a look.
Kirkus Reviews