Sudoku Puzzles for Children Ages 4-8: Every Child Can Do It. for Teaching Kids at Home or at School. (Paperback)

Every Child Can Do It. for Teaching Kids at Home or at School.

By Jonathan Bloom, 9780620405935, 58pp.

Publication Date: December 21, 2008


About the Author

As an untreated puzzles 'addict', I spend many hours thriving in the challenge of solving complicated sudoku puzzles. Sudokus' distinct advantage over other mathematical games/puzzles is its reliance on using logical reasoning and deduction to solve numeracy puzzles, without requiring mathematical calculations. I love spending time with my kids, having fun and learning together. So I combined this with my puzzle addiction to create Sudokids - Sudoku puzzles for children. Since then I have compiled over 15 other Sudoku books (with a new one every month or so) for people of all ages and sudoku solving experience. I was born in South Africa in 1973. I studied a variety of courses at university including science, business and jewelry design. My first job was in the jewelry industry. Soon after getting married in 1996, I moved from employee to employer and started my own internet/web design company. I sold my company a few years later and stayed in the internet industry for a number of years. I was fortunate to gain experience in many areas, from design, branding and marketing to sales, e-commerce and gaming. In 2003 after the bubble burst, I decided to shift industries and get some new business experience, and purchased a Minuteman Press printing franchise. In 2008, after some agonizing deliberations, we decided to leave South Africa. South Africa is a beautiful country with a lot of potential (and quite a few problems) and it was a very difficult decision to leave. But we wanted our three children to grow up in a first world country, in a more secure and free environment. We have been out of South Africa since then and although we miss the country and the people very much, we are extremely happy with our decision and the freedom and happiness it has brought. Visit my website to the rest of my titles.