The Strange Case of the Missing Sheep (Hardcover)

By Mircea Catusanu

Viking Juvenile, 9780670011315, 32pp.

Publication Date: September 3, 2009

Winter 2009 Kids' List

“A sheepdog investigator goes deep into the Dark Forest to uncover the truth about a missing flock of sheep and the scheming wolf that has abducted them. Catusanu's tale is starkly clever and visually rewarding, especially with repeat readings. Younger children will enjoy the comical, somewhat dim sheep and their overbearing protector, while older children will enjoy picking up the subtle jokes hidden amongst the broad action of each page.”
— Emily Fear, joseph-beth Booksellers, Pittsburgh, PA
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1, 2, 3 . . . hey, where?d all the sheep go??

In a place called Happy Valley, there live ten sheep. Every night, the ten sheep are counted into their beds by one Super Sheep Dog named Doug. But one day, the sheep are missing! Who could have stolen them? Might it be Wolf, who lives in the Dark Forest? And for what nefarious purpose? Does he want to knit them into a blanket? Bake them into a pie? Or maybe he wants to . . . count them?

With kooky, creative illustrations and an unexpected ending that will get kids giggling, this is a lively story about the fun of counting .. . and a bedtime surprise.

About the Author

Mircea Catusanu (pronounced Meer-cha Catoo-sha-noo) grew up in Romania and now lives with his wife and daughter in New York City.