Keeper of the Doves (Hardcover)

By Betsy Byars

Viking Juvenile, 9780670035762, 96pp.

Publication Date: September 16, 2002



For aspiring writer Amen McBee, life at the end of the nineteenth century with her four older sisters (Augusta, Abigail, and the "Bellas," twins Annabella and Arabella) is full of adventure. There are visits from Grandmama, who teaches them how to use the new Kodak cameras, and there are plenty of places to explore on the family estate, the Willows. There is also a new baby to look forward to-and everyone hopes Papa's prayers will finally be answered and this time Mama will have a boy. The only trouble in Amen's life is Mr. Tominski, the strange old man who lives in the woods and keeps a trained flock of doves. The Bellas warn Amen that the dove keeper is not to be trusted but Amen's father insists that Mr. Tominski wouldn't hurt a soul. Who is right?