Christ Actually: The Son of God for the Secular Age (Hardcover)

The Son of God for the Secular Age

By James Carroll

Viking, 9780670786039, 368pp.

Publication Date: November 13, 2014



A New York Times bestselling and widely admired Catholic writer explores how we can retrieve transcendent faith in modern times
Critically acclaimed and bestselling author James Carroll has explored every aspect of Christianity, faith, and Jesus Christ except this central one: What can we believe about and how can we believe in Jesus in the twenty-first century in light of the Holocaust and other atrocities of the twentieth century and the drift from religion thatfollowed?
What Carroll has discovered through decades of writing and lecturing is that he is far from alone in clinging to a received memory of Jesus that separates him from his crucial identity as a Jew, and therefore as a human. Yet if Jesus was not taken as divine, he would be of no interest to us. What can that mean now? Paradoxically, the key is his permanent Jewishness. No Christian himself, Jesus actually transcends Christianity.
Drawing on both a wide range of scholarship as well as his own acute searching as a believer, Carroll takes a fresh look at the most familiar narratives of all Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Far from another book about the historical Jesus, he takes the challenges of science and contemporary philosophy seriously. He retrieves thepower of Jesus profound ordinariness, as an answer to his own last question what is the future of Jesus Christ? as the key to a renewal of faith.

About the Author

James Carroll is a Distinguished Scholar in Residence at Suffolk University and a columnist for The Boston Globe. He is the author of ten novels and seven works of fiction. He lives in Boston.