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All I Need To Know I Learned From Xena

Warrior Princess

Josepha Sherman


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Recently discovered, these words from the Bard of Poteidaia tell of what she got from Xena and what Xena gave her—lessons about life that will ease the path for those of us battling on through the modern world.

In a time of ancient gods,
warlords and kings,
a Land in turmoil
cried out for a hero.
She was XENA,
a mighty princess
forged in the heat of battle.

Xena: Warrior Princess. Gabrielle: Bard of Poteidaia. Theirs was a life of adventure. A life of romance. A life of great deeds and great battles against the forces of evil. A life of good and bad gods, of deep and lasting friendships.

In their travels, Gabrielle, Xena’s bosom companion, learned much from the princess. When to keep your sword sharp and your wit sharper. When the size of your staff does make a difference. In return, Gabrielle taught Xena the secrets of warmth, kindness, and joy.

Now, these words of wisdom, recently discovered and translated, can be yours.

Gallery Books, 9780671023898, 144pp.

Publication Date: September 1, 1998

About the Author

Josepha Sherman was an American author, folklorist, and anthologist. In 1990 she won the Compton Crook Award for the novel The Shining Falcon. She died in 2012, and is remembered for her large and diverse output of both high-quality fiction and nonfiction.