Mapping the Moral Domain (Hardcover)

A Contribution of Women's Thinking to Psychological Theory and Education (Ctr.for the Study of Gender)

By Carol Gilligan (Editor), Betty S. Bardige (Editor), Janie Victoria Ward (Editor)

Harvard University Press, 9780674548329, 324pp.

Publication Date: March 20, 1989



In the fourteen articles collected in this volume, Gilligan and her colleagues expand the theoretical base of In A Different Voice and apply their research methods to a variety of life situations. The contrasting voices of justice and care clarify different ways in which women and men speak about relationships and lend different meanings to connection, dependence, autonomy, responsibility loyalty, peer pressure, and violence. By examining the moral dilemmas and self-descriptions of children, high school students, urban youth, medical students, mothers, lawyers, and others, the authors chart a new terrain: a mapping of the moral domain that includes the voices of women. In this new terrain the authors trace far-reaching implications of the inclusion of women's voices for developmental psychology, for education, for women, and for men.