Anything We Love Can Be Saved:: A Writer's Activism (Hardcover)

A Writer's Activism

By Alice Walker

Random House, 9780679455844, 225pp.

Publication Date: April 1, 1997



"There is always a moment in any kind of struggle when one feels in full bloom. Vivid. Alive. One might be blown to bits in such a moment, and still be at peace... to be such a person or to witness anyone at this moment of transcendent presence is to know that what is human is linked, by compassion, to what is divine. During my years of being close to people engaged in changing the world, I have seen fear turn into courage, sorrow into joy, funerals into celebrations. Because, whatever the consequences, people have expressed who they really are, and that ultimately they believe in the love of the world enough to be that -- which is the foundation of activism".

So writes Alice Walker in this important portrait of a writer's activism -- speaking out with advice for Bill Clinton, for Fidel Castro, for young women growing up today. Walker comments on religion and the spirit, language, banned books, Zora Neale Hurston, Salman Rushdie, the ritual mutilation of children in Ghana, and much more. Here are a superb writer's thoughts on politics, culture, feminism, race, religion, raising a daughter, writing, and living.