Slow Motion: A True Story (Hardcover)

A True Story

By Dani Shapiro

Random House, 9780679456315, 245pp.

Publication Date: July 1, 1998



The dramatic, mesmerizing true story of a young woman who had strayed so far from her roots that it took a terrible accident to bring her home again.

At twenty-three, Dani Shapiro was a college dropout, a halfhearted actress, a heavy drinker, and the girlfriend of a powerful, married attorney. But then the phone call came: Her parents were critically injured; she had to race home. Once there, she was swept into an emotional journey -- retracing her past as the isolated child of Orthodox Jewish parents in an anti-Semitic suburb. And she was forced to face why she was driven to rebellion, estrangement, and, almost inevitably, into a tortuous relationship with a seductive man who ushered her into a world totally different from her own. Barely able to take care of herself, Dani Shapiro, an only child, had to learn to take care of two people who needed her desperately. This is a beautifully written story of a life utterly transformed by tragedy.