Honey (Paperback)

By Elizabeth Tallent

Vintage, 9780679755111, 224pp.

Publication Date: November 1, 1994



The men and women in Elizabeth Tallent's stories think a great deal about love. They argue about it at the dinner table. They cling to it with talismans. They flirt with strangers or moon impossibly over aunts and cousins.

In Honey, Elizabeth Tallent animates her characters' predicaments and charts the wild arcs of their longings with breathtaking grace and profound emotional truth.

Praise For Honey

"[Tallent writes] with a keen, quicksilver appreciation of her characters' inner lives and with a poet's eye for the luminous, skewed details of everyday life."

-- The New York Times

"Tallent's prose style is the literary equivalent of Audrey Hepburn -- cool, elegant, precise, stylishly dressed and very feminine."

-- Dallas Morning News

"Everything about Tallent's work speaks of its delicacy and precision...brilliant."

-- Chicago Tribune