A Corner of the Veil (Hardcover)

By Laurence Cosse

Scribner, 9780684846675, 272pp.

Publication Date: May 1, 1999



""The proof was neither arithmetical, nor physical, nor esthetical, nor astronomical; it was irrefutable. The proof of God's existence had been achieved.""

What would happen if God's existence were absolutely, undeniably proven? This stunning French best-seller, a nominee for several literary prizes, plunges us into a scramble among the highest officials of church and state when six pages irrefutably proving God's existence land in the hands of a powerful order of priests. With two thousand years of doubt put to rest, could this astounding discovery eliminate all motivation to work, capsize world economies, and abolish the need for government and clergy? Could this spur a new era of world harmony, or launch one final battle into the apocalypse?

France's "L'Express" called this "an ironic, jubilant thriller...a breathtaking trip through the corridors of secular and spiritual power." In an eloquent foreword, Pulitzer Prize-winning author Jack Miles writes that Laurence Cosse "makes the language glow -- as she makes the whole of this irresistible little book glow -- with equal measure of clarity, intelligence, humor, and warmth."

A brilliant literary page-turner, "A Corner of the Veil" playfully yet profoundly speculates what might happen if the most powerful institutions on Earth discover the most extraordinary revelation of the millennium.