You Know Where to Find Me (Hardcover)

By Rachel Cohn

Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, 9780689878596, 204pp.

Publication Date: March 4, 2008



Miles has spent almost her entire life in the shadow of her first cousin Laura. Laura is completely overprivileged--smart, gorgeous, and a student at a prep school outside of D.C. Miles is overweight, anti-social, and lives with her mom in the carriage house on her uncle's property. As far as Miles is concerned, Laura has the perfect life--until she commits suicide, leaving her dad Jim and Miles lost in the wake of the event. Miles already feels like she has no future--she was planning to drop out of school--and now she has no one. Her best friend, Jamal, is dating Bex, one of Laura's annoying friends, and Miles's mother jets off to London for the summer, leaving her with her virtual-stranger dad, Buddy. When Miles finds out that her mother isn't planning to return and Jamal tells Miles that he and Bex are planning to move to NYC, Miles hits rock bottom and overdoses on drugs. She almost dies--just like Laura did. But with the help of Jim, Buddy, Jamal, and even Bex, Miles gains the strength to face her situation and accept help. This is a forceful, emotional story about finding love and cobbling together a family.

Praise For You Know Where to Find Me

* "What results isn't just a story about overcoming sorrow, but rather one of a girl raging against the world and herself, waiting for someone to help her make sense of it all."--Kirkus Reviews, starred review

* "Cohn once again excels at crafting a multidimensional, in-the-moment teenage world, this time without recourse to her usual witty style. There is a bleakness to her language that superbly suits this sad, somber tale. Her work is heartbreaking...but rings with authenticity...The tragedy of teen suicide has been the subject of countless novels, yet rarely has it been discussed withsucj gritty realism."--Publishers Weekly, starred review

"The story's evolving relationships keep it compelling enough to propel readers through to its dramatic conclusion."--School Library Journal

"Teens will be riveted by Miles--intelligent, cynical, overweight, talented, and wholly authentic--and her harrowing path through grief and addiction."--Booklist