God's Plan for Your Future (Paperback)

Purpose, History, and Destiny of Humanity as Revealed in Scripture

By David Charles Cole

Danco, 9780692422366, 472pp.

Publication Date: September 15, 2015

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God has a plan for your future. Do you want to know what it is?

Do you wonder: Is there a God? If so, does he have a plan for my life? How can I know what it is? What will happen to my soul when I die? Are Heaven and Hell actual places? Will I go to Heaven if I am "good"? Will my family and faithful pets be waiting?

The answers to these and other perplexing issues are spelled out clearly in Scripture. Many people want to know, but don't take time to dig through the Bible to learn the truth. They want understanding without the exertion.

This book is the solution. It investigates profound questions about God and His plan for humanity, gathers the relevant passages from all 66 books of Hebrew and Christian Scripture, and groups them by topic for ease of understanding.

Two chapters outline the history of the Jewish people and the lessons it teaches. The next two examine the profound implications of Jesus Christ earthly existence. The fifth deals with the prophetic time in which we live. The next six detail what Scripture proclaims about what must yet come--The End Times. The book concludes with a clear statement on the meaning of life as proclaimed in Scripture.

The destiny of your soul is in your hands. This book explains the choices you must make and how to avoid going down the wrong path.

Life is a transitory experience for an eternal soul on a journey from before Creation to beyond time. God has a plan for your future, but you need to put it into action. This single volume makes clear what you must do. It may be the most important book you ever read