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Preying Mantis

The Story of Tarissa

Lyn Thomas


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By anyone's account, Lennox "Len" Obi lives a successful life. The Nigerian migr is a respected NASA scientist. Magda, his wife of thirty years, is a professional and efficient woman, even if he sometimes considers her a tad staid.

Then Len meets the sensual and passionate Tarissa "Trish" and falls for her immediately. The two begin a torrid affair across America and Europe-all behind Magda's back.

Len's traditional African values prevent him from simply cutting Magda loose in favor of his new love. He feels obligated to ensure his family is properly situated before divorcing one woman in favor of another. And so fourteen years go by.

Finally ready to commit to Trish, Len finds she has defected from his life. As he rushes to woo her back, Len begins to realize the love he's pursued for so long may be nothing more than a smoke screen thrown up by a manipulative woman who preys on the needs of certain types of men.

A tale of love, betrayal, and loss, Rogue Lover plays out against the lives of African immigrants as they struggle to find their place within the melting pot that is America.

Lyn Thomas-Ogbuji, 9780692467602, 340pp.

Publication Date: July 10, 2015

About the Author

Lyn Thomas is an engineer by training who has worked as a scientist and academic. Now retired from academia, Thomas maintains, where he discusses the nuances of written communication in US English. Thomas's nonscientific publications, in addition to Rogue Lovers: The Story of Tarissa, include Seeing the World in Black & White and A Potemkin Paradise.