Cause! (Paperback)

A Business Strategy for Standing Out in a Sea of Sameness

By Jackie Freiberg, Kevin Freiberg, 9780692586662, 193pp.

Publication Date: February 7, 2017

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According to Ken Blanchard, "I love CAUSE It's all about people and organizations who feel called to make a difference--to serve a purpose far beyond the typical bottom line. The book's design is a feast for the eyes and its message is food for the soul. Read this book and serve at a higher level." These days if your company isn't tied to a heroic cause, your business may be doomed. Companies that define themselves as cause-oriented stand out They have better employee engagement, customer loyalty, and ultimately, stronger profitability and growth. CAUSE documents a fresh approach to leadership and collaboration that drives business success in companies as diverse as TOMS, Lululemon, Virgin, Southwest Airlines and PepsiCo. And CAUSE takes an in-depth look at how National Life Group, a financial services firm, built its culture and brand around a CAUSE to stand out in the industry's sea of sameness. According to Peter Economy, The Leadership Guy, INC.COM, "There are few business books that truly have the power to change the world, but CAUSE is one of them. In this book, Kevin and Jackie Freiberg clearly show how having a heroic cause attracts great talent, while motivating people to bring their best selves to work. Do your organization a huge favor and read this book right now " And, according to Chip R. Bell, "CAUSE is more than a clear blueprint for success; it is also a poignant design for organizational nobleness. Read it and get ready to have your perspective and practice redirected toward the soul of excellence.

About the Author

Jackie and Kevin Freiberg are bestselling authors and founders of the San Diego Consulting Group Inc. The Freibergs are dedicated to helping leaders create Best Places where the Best People can do their Best Work to make the world Better. Both have Ph.D.'s and teach part-time at the University of San Diego, School of Leadership and Education Sciences. In their international bestseller NUTS! Southwest Airlines' Crazy Recipe for Business and Personal Success, Kevin and Jackie uncovered the strategies that created the greatest success story in the history of commercial aviation. NUTS! was followed by: GUTS! Companies that Blow the Doors Off Business-as-usual;BOOM! 7 Companies for Blowing the Doors Off Business-as-usual;NANOVATION: How a Little Car Can Teach the World to Think Big; the inside story of one of the greatest innovations in the auto industry since the Model-T. It's also a roadmap for expanding your capacity to innovate and making innovation part of your cultural DNA; andDO SOMETHING NOW, three simple words that will change your organization--change your life. The scarcest resource in organizations right now is not money, talent, ideas or power; it's people who DO, people who add value and get things done. DSN inspires Dreamers to become Doers. Everyone wants to add value and this book shows you how.BE A PERSON OF IMPACT: 12 Strategies to be the CEO of Your Future. This book is an unapologetic kick in the butt to proactively manage your brand and reputation. POI will challenge you to reimagine, rethink, refresh, and even completely reengineer your brand. Why? Because your brand is in your control. If you want to be indispensable, stand-out as the best in your business and lead others to do the same this book will show you how. The Freibergs speak on leadership, innovation and change all over the world. They have a global practice including firms in Europe, Japan, South Africa, India, Central and South America, as well as companies throughout the United States and Canada.