Rolling The Bones (Paperback)

12 Tales of Life, Death, Loss, & Redemption

By Rand Eastwood

Woodlands Press, 9780692716205, 608pp.

Publication Date: June 16, 2016

List Price: 21.95*
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Sometimes we win
Sometimes we lose
But every day
We roll the bones...


Enter Eastwood's dark world of collected short stories and novellas, over 600 pages of the strange, psychological, horrific, paranormal, and otherly...

As the title suggests, the stories span multiple genres: ghost stories, horror, psychological suspense, weird/twilight zone, coming-of-age, sexual deviance,'s all in there, there's something for everyone


"The stories are not so much "written" as "masterfully woven into a tapestry "

"When one finds a book that is as revealing of life's intricacies as much as it surprises the senses with its finely crafted writing and detailed nuances, one has found a treasured addition to their library. This is such a book for me."

"This book is so well written I just couldn't put it down. Both the character development and plot twists are impeccably done. I just kept thinking, WOW "

"Eastwood has gone above and beyond with the compilation of short stories."

"Rand Eastwood is rapidly becoming the thinking man's horror author "

"The language, the structure, and the passion are off the scales "


The stories are highly character-driven: everyday people, dealing with everyday life-but experiencing extraordinary circumstances and/or strange phenomena along the way...

With psychological and/or supernatural/otherly elements keeping the reader guessing, many of the stories subtly connected, and the entire work steeped in an intellectual ambiance-Rolling The Bones is a mentally stimulating and thought-provoking read to be sure

Or, as one reader put it (listed above): "Rand Eastwood is rapidly becoming the thinking man's horror author "

Spanning multiple genres and over 600 pages, Rolling The Bones is not just a book, it's an experience So order your copy of Rolling The Bones today, and embark on a fascinating, dark (and sometimes disturbing) journey...

The Traveler (Award Winner)
A Sweet Ride (Reader Favorite)
Hell or High Water
Forever Anna Day (Novella, Award Winner)
Request Denied (Reader Favorite)
The Crossing (Novella)
A Bearable Darkness of Being
Roughing It (Novella)
The Calling
This Old House
CATS: the number of the beast (Award-Winning Short Story, Now a Short Novel)

About the Author

Rand Eastwood is an award-winning author, blogger, philosopher, graphic designer, and drummer residing in beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada. He is currently working on his first novel, along with several new works of short fiction. Visit his website: