In the Service of the Boyar (Paperback)

By Jason Graff

Strange Fictions Press, 9780692738955, 80pp.

Publication Date: August 22, 2016

List Price: 9.95*
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In the land of the Boyar, a boy will fall in love and become much more than a man.

In this fantasy romance for all ages, a boy catches a glimpse of Fifika, as he flees with his family from danger, traveling with his clan with haste to the lands of the boyar, a mysterious benefactor. Smitten, the boy becomes her playmate there in the Carpathians where the boyar resides and whose hillsides are filled with enchanted beasts. The boyar assures the clan that the beasts are harmless unless provoked, but some of the members are not so sure.

When tragedy visits Fifika's family, the boyar invites her and the boy into his castle to learn from his English tutor, a lazy and fearful man. The boy, now almost a man, falls deeply in love under Fifika's tutelage.

When he finally learns Fifika's secret, he must choose between his family and the only life he knows and the uncertain dangers of life with her in the mountainous lands of the boyar with a very different kind of family.

Blending magic, romance, and poetry, In the Service of the Boyar is a classic shapeshifter coming of age tale for young adults and fantasy fans of any age.

About the Author

Born in a small town outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Jason Graff has been writing since he was fourteen years old. In high school, his passion for the written word was well and truly ignited when he took a sucker punch for writing his crush a poem. He would go on to earn his bachelor's degree at Bowling Green State University and later, his MFA in Creative Writing at Goddard College. The intense nature of that program allowed him to be mentored by a diverse group of talented writers which included: Sarah Schulman, Richard Panek, Darcey Steinke, and Rachel Pollack. He loves both reading and producing writing that has a strong, clear voice and conveys a deep connection to the characters. He has published fiction, poetry, and essays widely in journals around the world. His poem "Your Problem With Containers" from The inaugural issue of The Great American Literary Magazine was nominated for a Pushcart Prize. His subject areas range from Darth Vader to conjoined twins to the death of language. Jason Graff currently lives in Little Falls, New Jersey with his wife, son, and their cat. He is currently working on a science fiction novel about the beginning of the end of the universe. You can follow him on Twitter at @JasonGraff1 or find his author page on Facebook.